Officially introduced at IAA Transportation 2022, the Sevic V500 compact electric vehicle is a true multimodal platform, boasting more than ten different assembly options and case systems, which can be interchanged within a few minutes using the patented cargo swap system. Boxes with different options, such as rolling or folding doors, are available as variants, with various flatbeds available, too.

Sevic V500, an all-Italian customization by sales partner VEM

In addition to the bodies already offered from the factory, customized systems are also available, such as a tiltable waste container, which was presented a few weeks ago by the Italian Sevic sales partner VEM S.r.l. at the Ecomondo sustainability trade fair.

“From municipal waste disposal companies to gardening firms or restaurateurs to classic food retailers – the demand reflects the diversity of possible uses. This shows us that with our concept of a multimodal vehicle platform with many superstructures that can be exchanged within a few minutes, we seem to have hit a bull’s eye,” stated Sevic General Manager Alexander Brilis. Headquartered in Bochum, Germany, where a show room was inaugurated not long ago, Sevic vehicles are indeed manufactured in Bulgaria.


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