German company Sono Motors, specializing in solar tecnology for zero-emission vehicles, has been awarded a €1.46 million grant from the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency to advance the development of the company’s proprietary technology. The so-called SEAMLESS-PV project aims, over a four-year period, to develop automated photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing equipment, address the industrialization of new manufacturing processes, and demonstrate cost-effectiveness and technology compliance with market requirements and standardization frameworks in various sectors.

Sono Motors: funding campaign and collaborations

Sono Motors has received the first installment of 532,441 euros, which adds up to a funding campaign capable of raising 45 million euros. This sum is intended to cover much of the investment until pre-series production of the Sion solar electric vehicle in 2023.

The German company’s proprietary solar technology is integrated into other manufacturers’ vehicles, such as trucks, trailers, buses, and RVs. It provides power to various vehicle systems, reducing CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. The company has already acquired 23 partners such as Scania, Chereau, Rhenus Logistics, Mitsubishi Europe, and Munich-based public transport provider MVG.


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