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Battery swapping, CATL to install the very first stations in Xiamen, China

Four stations have apparently been installed, while about 30 stations are expected to be in Xiamen by the end of the current year. Of course, this is something related to passenger cars at the moment. However, it is a significant step forward towards the development of quite a promising technology f...

Nissan will have its own solid-state battery production site in Japan

Nissan expects solid-state battery technology to be a game-changer for accelerating the popularity of electric vehicles. They have an energy density approximately twice that of conventional lithium-ion batteries, significantly shorter charging time due to superior charge/discharge performance, and l...

EV batteries, Metis Engineering unveils health monitoring system

«The release of the beta versions of our Production Battery Safety Sensor marks another key milestone, as we roll out the technology to enable unrivalled health monitoring of lithium-ion battery packs», commented Metis Engineering Managing Director Joe Holdsworth. «The sensor is already on trial in ...
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