Tarmac, a building materials and construction solutions provider, part of the CRH group, has been testing Tevva EV tipper in Walsall, West Midlands, UK. Tarmac began development of the electric tipper truck in 2022 as it looked to source alternatively fuelled HGV vehicles. As a result of this collaboration, Brit-Tipp have successfully secured type approval for all their bodies on the Tevva chassis, significantly speeding up the vehicle registration process. Tarmac was an early signatory of the EV100 initiative, committing that all cars and vans in its fleet would be zero emission by 2030.

Assuming a use cycle of 80 miles a day (2,500 miles a month) and a consumption of 1.31kw/hour, the 7.5 tonne Tevva electric tipper truck is expected to save over 2.2 tonnes of CO₂ per month compared to a diesel model the same size.

Tevva EV tipper trialled for eight weeks

The EV tipper truck is being trialled by Tarmac for a period of eight weeks. During this period, the business will evaluate the vehicle’s performance in practical operation as well as its range when loaded to assess how the benefits of the technology can be maximised going forward. 


“This project represents a key milestone towards reaching our sustainability goals and underscores our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our operations including our road transport fleet”, said Jonathan Medforth, national plant & transport manager at Tarmac

“It is enormously exciting to hand over this Tevva Tipper, which is the first of its kind, to Tarmac. This vehicle is our first collaboration in the Utilities, Construction and Infrastructure sector – a sector that we have prioritised and are thrilled to work with pioneering organisations like Tarmac. The combination of Tarmac, Tevva and Brit-Tipp serves as the foundation for Tevva becoming the go-to brand for 7.5t BEV Tippers. I look forward to continuing to engage with the team on the ground at Tarmac to ensure that their electrification journey is a smooth and enjoyable zero emission experience”, added Kay Jarvis, Business Operations Director at Tevva.


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