UK-based e-truck manufacturer Tevva turned to recruitment partner EVera in order to identify and recruit «dozens of engineers across a range of key disciplines, including manufacturing, quality and maintenance». Tevva’s target is to be actually prepared for next year, when mass production of its 7.5-tonne electric trucks is supposed to start. According to what the UK manufacturer stated some months ago, production should start in mid-2022, with first deliveries expected in the second half of the year. The Tevva Truck offers a range of up to 250 km in pure battery electric vehicle (BEV) form or up to 500 km with its patented range extender technology (REX), which has now been upgraded to use hydrogen fuel cells.

Looking for engineers: Tevva to partner with EVera

Also, last week the company announced they were able to raise 57 million dollars funding in 2021 and set a new target for 2023, that is to scythe share of around 3,000 trucks expected to be manufactured. Back to the agreement with EVera as for recruiting, EVera’s exclusive recruitment partnership with TEVVA has delivered a 200% growth in the workforce with over 80 new employees joining in 2021. This is a huge achievement by both parties when many companies in the electric vehicle sector are struggling to build the teams they need to fully realise the growth opportunities. Indeed, EVera is Europe’s only dedicated battery and EV recruiter, working with leading gigafactories, battery manufacturers, OEMs, EV startups and scaleups to identify skills gaps within the businesses and recruit the right candidates with very particular skill sets for this rapidly expanding sector of the UK automotive industry.

Statements from Tevva and EVera

Tevva Human Resources Kay Jarvis declared: «We’re delighted to be working with our partner, EVera Recruitment, on the search for many more employees to join our growing workforce as we gear up to begin manufacturing here in the UK, in July 2022».

«My team and I are thrilled to be supporting Tevva on their exciting growth trajectory. The EV industry in the UK is a very vibrant sector right now, and the job opportunities are second to none. Never before have these skillsets been so in demand», added EVera Founder and CEO Steve Doyle.


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