At IAA Transportation, Thermo King launched its renewed Advancer trailer refrigeration solutions. Three brand-new models conceived with the idea of sustainability in mind. “Our goal has been to develop even more sustainable refrigeration technologies, enable our products to fit alternative power sources, reduce energy consumption to the lowest possible levels, and to use this innovation to reduce the total cost of ownership of our products for our customers. The technology behind the expanded Advancer portfolio makes these goals a reality”, commented Colm O’Grady, trailer product leader at Thermo King.

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Thermo King Advancer range: three new refrigeration options

The all-electric Thermo King Advancer-e incorporates an engineless and electric architecture. Advancer-e is power-agnostic and compatible with all major engine-alternative power sources including the Advancer AxlePower, Frigoblock’s Envirodrive alternator and inverter technology, Thermo King’s battery EnergyPack, and shore-power when stationed at the depot. One Advancer-e unit can reduce a trailer fleet’s carbon footprint by up to 10 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Thermo King Advancer

Advancer AxlePower is capable of capturing lost energy from the axle into a low or zero-emission, autonomous power source for the refrigeration unit. The system’s smart energy generating system delivers the power needed to run the trailer refrigeration unit by converting energy recovered by the trailer’s axle during the vehicle’s routine operation. Developed in partnership with BPW, a primary brand in running gears and mobility services for transport, the Advancer AxlePower is a fully integrated, tractor independent system that combines BPW’s ePower axle with Thermo King refrigeration unit and battery storage technology.

At IAA, Thermo King also introduced the new Advancer Spectrum, featuring a 48V DC mild-hybrid technology now available for temperature configurations of two distinct zones during the same journey, with precise temperature management and set point control. According to Thermo King, Advancer Spectrum delivers up to 30% savings on fuel costs compared to the market average. The units’ architecture also lowers service interval rate of up to 30% and reduces unscheduled maintenance by up to 60%.


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