Thermo King has started production of its E-500e single and multi-temperature refrigeration unit models, with the latter addressed to electric light commercial vehicles. As stated by the manufacturer, the E-500e “is designed to extract the full potential of electrically powered refrigeration while ensuring the lowest possible impact on the battery and range of the electric vehicle”.

Custom-designed inverter technology, a patented power control system and real-time communication between the unit and the vehicle maximise the cooling performance, energy efficiency and optimal power supply with minimal impact on the vehicle’s autonomy. The E-500e is powered directly by the vehicle’s battery, eliminating the need to invest in an additional battery pack or shore connection module.

Thermo King E-500e_3

Thermo King’s E-500e refrigeration units

Also, drivers can keep their refrigeration unit running while their battery electric vehicle (BEV) is charging or stationed at a delivery stop. A brand-new, high-speed compressor with RPM independent of the vehicle’s speed generates new levels of electric cooling capacity up to 4.5 kW and both cooling and heating modes to fit customers’ multiple application needs.

Fully compliant with LEZ, ULEZ and ZEZ emission zones, The units are easy to install on panel vans, chassis cab trucks and other types of vehicle conversions thanks to the compact design, which delivers high performance with half the weight of an equivalent legacy unit.

Thermo King’s PM speaking

“With the E-500e model, we deliver an all-electric solution that extends the limits of what is possible today, and help our customers do the same,” said Davide Fusciani, product manager Thermo King. ”The E-Series is not only 100% electric, but also energy-efficient at heart, with an unmatched cooling capacity and an ideal use for urban areas”. “For this model, we went back to the drawing board, keeping our customers’ and the environment’s needs at heart. With the European Union calling for CO₂ emissions from new trucks to be cut by 90% by 2040, we give our customers solutions that help them align with this transition and future proof their operations. We are now starting the production of the E-500e single and multi-temperature units, and more models will follow”.


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