E-truck manufacturer Volta Trucks will participate in ACT Expo, the leading commercial vehicle exhibition, to be held in Anhaeim, near Los Angeles, from 1 to 4 May. This will be the very first US public display of all-electric Volta Zero. Volta Trucks will present a Class 7 Volta Zero design-verification prototype.

The introduction of Volta Trucks’ all-electric commercial vehicles into North America will be led in 2023 by the Class 6 and Class 7 Volta Zero (equivalent to the existing European 16-ton truck), which will be available with an ambient or refrigerated cargo box. In late 2023, Volta Trucks will launch a US-based Driving Experience Program for fleet operators to evaluate a Pilot Fleet of Volta Zeros in real distribution environments to understand how the electric delivery trucks will integrate into their operations. A similar program is currently launching across six European countries.

Volta Trucks headed to the U.S.

The Programme in the US will start on the west coast, ahead of a roll out of production vehicles expected in 2024. As a vehicle specifically designed for urban logistics, the Class 6 and Class 7 15-ton Volta Zero will offer a modular battery configuration to deliver a range of 95 to 125 miles. The Class 6 and Class 7 Volta Zero introduction is scheduled to be closely followed by a Class-5 vehicle of 19,500 lb. and a Class-6 truck of 26,000 lb., equivalent to the European 7.5- and 12-ton vehicles, in 2026.

Using the same approach as it has adopted in Europe, Volta Trucks will develop its own US-based ‘Volta Trucks Hubs’ for vehicle service and maintenance. Hubs will be located close to its customers’ own logistics centers to maximize uptime and convenience. The company will also develop an extensive network of Certified Service Partner facilities to increase the geographic coverage of service and maintenance outlets.


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