The Volta Zero, the first 16 ton e-truck made by Volta Trucks, may act as a mini warehouse for electric motorcycles, so to promote totally zero-emission last mile deliveries, as well as decongesting city centres. This is the result of a newly announced cooperation between Volta Trucks and Cake Motorcycles, a Swedish maker of lightweight, electric motorcycles.

The Volta Zero for electric motorcycles: how it works

The first trial is planned early in 2023, in Paris, with the H&M Group, a fashion and design family of brands and businesses. The fully integrated, zero tailpipe emission delivery service from warehouse to end customer uses the most efficient combination of electric trucks and electric two wheelers. In other words, Cake’s electric motorcycles will be loaded into the Volta Zero from the distribution centre at the start of the working day and deployed into the city centre. From there, the Cake electric motorcycles will deliver the last mile of parcels to customers in the fastest and most sustainable way, without impacting the traffic, or struggling with parking.

Statements from the partners

The Volta Zero is free to redeploy to other locations throughout the day or to provide quick-replacement batteries for the Cake motorcycles if necessary, providing an efficient city-wide coverage for deliveries. “The partnership between Volta Trucks and Cake will showcase how a combination of zero tailpipe emission transport solutions can bring benefit to brands and customers, such as the H&M Group, and city centre environments”, commented Essa Al-Saleh, Chief Executive Officer of Volta Trucks.

“As the majority of today’s last-mile delivery chains will soon be banned in many of the world’s largest cities, world-leading e-commerce consumer brands need to engage in future-proof concepts now. Solutions need to be developed to offer lower emissions and less congestion, while benefiting from far more efficient deliveries all the way to the end customer. This innovative mobility ecosystem that the three brands are trialling is setting a clear direction for both healthier cities and business advantages”, added Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of Cake.


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