Volvo electric trucks have reached the significant threshold of 80 million km on a global scale. According to the Swedish manufacturer, it’s equivalent to 2,000 laps around the world, so far. Covering the same distance with equivalent diesel-powered trucks would have consumed more than 25 million liters of diesel and tailpipe carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced by 68,000 tons.

The very first Volvo e-trucks were put on the roads back in 2019, no more than 5 years ago. Volvo is the leading brand in Europe as for e-truck sales, with market share of 56%, according to the latest data available, as we reported in the last paper issue of Sustainable Truck&Van magazine.


Volvo electric trucks in the world

“I am happy to see how transport companies are embracing the benefits with electric trucks in daily operations. The transport sector represents 7% of global carbon emissions and battery-electric trucks is an important tool to reduce the climate footprint. Thanks to many early adopters we can already now see the huge potential with this technology”, commented Roger Alm, President Volvo Trucks (here’s our exclusive interview with Mr Alm).

In terms of sales figures, Volvo Trucks’ global deliveries of e-trucks increased by 256% to 1,977 trucks in 2023 and the company sees continued interest from customers in 2024. In the United States, Volvo represented 44% of all sold electric trucks.

Volvo has so far delivered more than 3,500 electric trucks to customers in 45 countries on six continents. During 2023, Volvo Trucks expanded its electric truck presence as it delivered its first heavy-duty electric trucks to Latin America, with vehicles going to customers in Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay. Volvo also became the first truck maker to deliver battery-electric heavy trucks in Morocco, South Korea, and Malaysia.


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