Volvo Trucks celebrated a very positive year in 2022, with all-time high volumes and a market share increase in 41 countries, as stated by the group. In such a scenario, deliveries of electric trucks are showing “a positive and increasing trend”, with “the US, Germany, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden are today the biggest markets for Volvo’s electric trucks“. According to the data released last year by IHS Markit and related to 2021, Volvo Trucks boasts the highest market share as for electric trucks in Europe.

Volvo Trucks increased deliveries by 19%

Back to the overall group results, Volvo Trucks delivered 145,195 trucks in 2022, an increase of 19% from 2021, when 122,525 trucks were delivered. Volvo Trucks also increased its market share in the heavy truck segment (≥ 16tonnes) in 41 markets globally. In Europe, Volvo Trucks has a market share of 18.2%, which is the highest ever. The company also increased its market shares in North America and Australia, to 10.8% and 17.0% respectively. In Brazil, Volvo Trucks increased its market share to 24.6% and thereby became the market leader for the first time ever.


”We have had a fantastic year, considering the uncertain and difficult times we live in. Despite supply chain shortages and disturbances in production, we managed to increase our volumes significantly and get the trucks out to our customers, so that they can grow and improve their business”, commented Volvo Trucks President, Roger Alm. ”We have successfully launched new products and services during the year, and we have sold vehicles to many new customers, too. The feedback we get from customers is that they really appreciate and value our high quality and fuel-efficient trucks, and also the professional and rapid support they get from our extensive dealer and workshop network”. All of these factors contribute to their own profitability”.


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