Xos and Loomis enhance their long-standing partnership in the U.S. In fact, Xos supported Loomis’ efforts towards fleet electrification by supplying 20 battery-electric trucks in its fleet, all of which were designed and manufactured by Xos. As reported by Xos’ blog, the partnership has expanded to include charging infrastructure and services from Xos Energy Solutions (XES). In particular, the latest chargers were unveiled in Montebello, California, as shown in the video below.

A long-lasting partnership: Xos and Loomis in the U.S.

Loomis is also one of Xos’s earliest and longest-standing partners; the first 100% battery-electric truck from Xos was put into operation for Loomis in 2019. Xos Energy Solutions is a suite of comprehensive charging infrastructure and consulting services designed to simplify the process for fleet owners who are transitioning from internal combustion engine to fully-electric vehicles.

According to Xos, installing charging infrastructure is critical to the widespread and successful deployment of electric vehicles. Indeed, charging infrastructure installation can be an arduous and complex task that will most likely involve expert assistance. It involves first evaluating a site’s physical structure and power capacity and coming up with the safest and most efficient charging design plan, undergoing a permitting process involving city planning offices, securing the right authorizations to begin the installation work, and hiring and deploying electricians to install the wiring fixtures and systems. Xos Energy Solutions was created to focus solely on assisting customers with this process.


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