Xos Trucks will deliver 13 electric stepvans to FedEx Ground Operators in four states within the U.S. It’s not at all the first time the Californian-based zero-emission commercial vehicle manufacturer delivers stepvans to FedEx Ground Operators: the announcement of a 15 e-van delivery was made back in April. Last week, Xos announced the intention to join CALSTART’s Drive to Zero program, aimed at significantly reduce transport emissions in California through quite precise targets.

Xos e-stepvans to FedEx Ground Operators: who are they?

More into details, the FedEx Ground Operators involved in the latest delivery include RNR Transport Inc. in Olathe, Kan., SISA Inc. in Pacoima, Calif., Hidden Arrow Inc. in Niles, Ill., and Limestone Logistics in Independence, Ky. FedEx Ground Operators work as FedEx Corporation independent service providers (ISPs). FedEx Corporation has publicly announced its sustainability goal to deploy an all-electric parcel pickup and delivery fleet and to reach carbon neutrality by 2040.

“Xos vehicles are now on the road with FedEx Ground Operators across North America, including Canada, and our footprint is only growing from here,” said Esther M. Santos, Director of North America Sales at Xos. “With the addition of these FedEx Ground Operators, we’re proud to be helping FedEx achieve its goal of carbon neutrality by 2040.”


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