ZF has launched an innovative brake actuator platform. The latter allows ZF’s fourth-generation brake actuator technology to provide significant safety and cost efficiency benefits for heavy-duty truck and bus manufacturers. As a matter of fact, the German company stated that a long-term supply agreement has already been signed with a major European OEM to equip its medium and heavy-duty trucks and buses with ZF’s latest brake chamber range.

We’ve recently published a thorough interview with ZF’s Head of Aftermarket, Philippe Colpron. You can read it here.

The new brake actuator platform by ZF: some benefits

ZF’s brake chamber range with innovative platform approach supports all types of trucks, buses and trailers. The redesign builds on recently acquired company WABCO’s proven brake actuation technology with a rigorous focus on design-to-cost. Offering OEMs significant cost savings, the platform enables economies of scale through standardization. 

ZF brake actuator

This includes a reduction of variants by up to 27 percent and by up to 23 percent fewer parts as well as associated maintenance cost savings. Requiring less space and offering greater mounting flexibility, component sizes and weights have also been lowered. Further maximizing cost effectiveness, the enhanced quality and robustness of the technology helps improve reliability and contributes to optimized vehicle uptime.

«Significant performance and efficiency advantages for OEMs»

«Delivering the highest safety and quality standards, our new brake actuator platform provides significant performance and efficiency advantages for OEMs, including cost and variant reduction. Securing our first customer award from a leading OEM is clear validation of our approach», explains Nick Rens, EVP, President EMEA with ZF’s Commercial Vehicle Control Systems division. «Having sold more than 70 million brake actuators worldwide, this innovation will further build on our global market leadership position as a trusted OEM partner with almost four decades’ mastery of brake actuation technology. Our new brake actuator platform is a powerful example of how ZF creatively innovates core products to enhance them for customers».


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