ZM Trucks is a new truck brand that introduced itself at the latest ACT Expo in Las Vegas. Only a few days later, the company got the very first new energy (fully electric and hydrogen fuel cell) truck order from exclusive distributor 32Group, set to commercialize commercial vehicle products in select markets of West Asia, North Africa, and Southern Europe.

A whole strategy designed around ZM Trucks

32GROUP, an experienced commercial vehicle manufacturer and distributor, aims to become the top supplier of new energy commercial vehicles in the region using ZM Trucks’ cost-competitive and intelligent, zero emission vehicle platforms, which not only offer emission benefits but also reduce noise, improve driver comfort, and assist transport companies in complying with ever-increasing regulatory requirements.

In addition to zero-emission trucks, 32GROUP will provide solutions not just on charging infrastructure but offer a complete range of support services both prior to as well as after the deployment of ZM Trucks products in these markets.


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