During a special launch event held in Sevilla, Continental introduced its brand-new product lines for trucks and vans. The German group is at the forefront when it comes to e-mobility, as the new tires have been conceived also for electric vehicles. We had the pleasure to participate in the Spanish event and we’ll talk in-depth about the company’s view when it comes to vehicles with alternative traction in the HGV and LCV sectors, as well as to digitalization (i.e. the brand-new version of the ContiConnect app). Now, let’s find out what’s new and interesting in the Conti Hybrid Gen 5 for regional transport, as well as in the VanContact A/S Ultra line for light commercial vehicles.

continental e-mobility

Continental in view of e-mobility: the truck sector

Starting with the trucks, the Conti Hybrid HS5 for the steer axle and the Conti Hybrid HD5 for the drive axle – in 22.5-inch format for combined use on regional roads and highways – meet the diverse requirements of heavy-duty fleet use, i.e. frequent acceleration, braking, maneuvering and cornering on a variety of road surfaces. Innovative treads, rubber compounds and state-of-the-art casing constructions deliver improved performance thanks to higher mileage, durability and traction combined with optimized rolling resistance. The new Conti Hybrid Generation 5 tire line stands out with a mileage up to 20 percent higher than that of the predecessor generation.

continental e-mobility

The rubber compounds used by the Conti Hybrid Generation 5 tire line have been further developed specially to meet the exacting demands of regional transport. The treads, with their two-layer construction (cap base) and innovative compounds, enable a high mileage and considerable robustness while also optimizing rolling resistance in regional transport use. This also has a positive impact on fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions.

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A long and unbroken steel belt runs over the radial casing in the direction of travel. This construction optimizes pressure distribution in the contact surface, especially under varying load conditions. Additionally, The newly developed tread structure of the Conti Hybrid HD5 protects the tread and casing very effectively against stone damage at the drive axle.

The new VanContact A/S Ultra for vans

As for the new VanContact A/S Ultra for vans, these tires are produced in four sizes in a diameter of 16 inches can be installed on vehicles frequently used for delivery services and trade businesses. The product range will be significantly expanded next year to include other sizes of 15-, 16- and 17-inch diameter. Continental engineers have developed a new rubber compound, profile and sidewall. New fillers were added to the rubber compound that reduce rolling resistance – an important factor for low fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions. At the same time, the functionalised polymers in this new compound provide for high mileage in both summer and winter use.

continental e-mobility

The smart 3D sipe was developed to achieve good grip when driving on snow and on wet roads, a special design that stabilises the tread blocks, thereby providing for short braking distances. In winter operation, this design allows the sipe to open wide when rolling into the ground contact area, thus producing high snow grip via the sipe edges.

Moreover, to ensure the sidewall is ruggedly resistant to such tough conditions, the scuff rib was applied around the entire sidewall. Its “brick pattern” protects the sidewall against damage and thus contributes to making the tyre highly robust.


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