The Italian CPC Group will develop and manufacture sustainable composite exterior body panels for the Volta Zero e-truck, as announced today by the Swedish Volta Trucks. The two companies reached an agreement, so another tile of the puzzle is definitely set. 

It is not a coincidence that one of the questions we made when we first met Carla Detrieux, Business Development Manager at Volta Trucks, was about the partnerships and collaborations with key component suppliers. At that time, she mentioned the strategic collaborations with Proterra for batteries and with Meritor for e-axles.

The reasons why CPC Group is the right partner for the Volta Zero

In search of sustainable solutions, the Volta Zero was the first commercial vehicle to use sustainably-sourced flax and biodegradable resin composite panels when it was launches, last year. The fully natural, lightweight, high-performance fibre material is almost CO2 neutral over its lifecycle, and matches the stiffness and weight of carbon fibre but uses 75 percent less CO2 to produce.

CPC Group has over 10 year’s composites experience and has grown to become Europe’s largest composites manufacturer, employing over 1,000 experts, with investments of over €300 million, and aims to transform composite vehicle production from niche into volume manufacturing. 

According to the official release, «Volta Trucks will work with CPC Group to develop and industrialize these new and innovative, sustainable and recyclable composite materials to the significant volumes needed to deliver on the company’s long-term sales ambitions. Full-scale production of customer-specification vehicles will commence at the end of 2022 using state-of-the-art composite materials throughout the body & trim of the vehicle».

Essa Al-Saleh, Volta Trucks: «We are on a journey together»

«The appointment of CPC Group as a strategic partner is very significant. We are on a journey together, not just in commercial partnership but in technological development as we jointly create the innovative, recycled and natural composites of our sustainable future. As with our other strategic partners who are world-class experts in their field, working with CPC Group as Europe’s largest composites manufacturer gives us the strength, resources and confidence we need to deliver on our objectives», said Chief Executive Officer of Volta Trucks, Essa Al-Saleh.

For Volta Trucks, sustainability is much more than just tailpipe emissions. We take an environmental-first approach to all material sourcing to deliver on our mission of becoming the world’s most sustainable commercial vehicle manufacturer

Carl-Magnus Norden, Founder and Executive Chairman of Volta Trucks

CPC plans to 2030

Chief Executive Officer of CPC Srl, Franco Iorio, added: «Volta Trucks will change the mobility of vehicles within the world and I am personally glad to dedicate a considerable share of our new company capacity for this project. By 2023, CPC will have the biggest composite capacity within Europe, not only in terms of pressing but also for final machining, bonding and painting, and Volta Trucks will be an important part of the strategy».


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