We’ve already written posts about Cummins’ fuel agnostic approach. The U.S.-based engine specialist will participate in IAA 2022, thus bringing a series of solutions including revised internal combustion engines while simultaneously investing in new, zero-emissions products. Cummins’ fuel agnostic platform is a range of diesel, natural gas and hydrogen internal combustion engines derived from a common base. As well as the option to further reduce emissions with low and zero carbon fuels like hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), renewable natural gas and hydrogen, the platform offers OEMs common engine architecture across multiple fuel types and a high degree of parts commonality.

Cummins at IAA 2022: hydrogen internal combustion engines

Part of the fuel agnostic platform is what could become the initial step to reaching zero-emissions for medium- and heavy-duty truck manufacturers – Cummins’ hydrogen internal combustion engine. When paired with green hydrogen, this engine produces zero well-to-wheel CO2 emissions. 

cummins iaa 2022

Cummins’ fourth generation fuel cell will showcase the rapid evolution of our zero-emissions technologies. For customers that need and want to reach zero greenhouse gas and zero criteria air emissions today hydrogen fuel cells can be a great solution. Building on the deployments of more than 2,000 fuel cells, this next generation product provides improved power density, efficiency and durability and is available in single and dual module engines for both medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. Besides, Drawing on deep commercial application experience to develop the right battery solutions, Cummins will showcase multiple batteries that help a variety of on-highway customers reach zero-emissions today.

Destination Zero and the statement by CEO Rumsey

Destination Zero is the company’s strategy to go further, faster to reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) and air quality impacts of its products and reach net-zero emissions by 2050. “With Destination Zero, we are working to reduce emissions today, advancing engine-based solutions and investing in the right technologies at the right time with a deep understanding of our customers as we work to decarbonize our industry in a way that is best for all stakeholders”, said Jennifer Rumsey, the newly-appointed Cummins President and Chief Executive Officer. “We have deep knowledge of our end markets and applications, each of which has unique technical, performance and service demands. We know how to adapt existing and new technologies into products that meet our customers’ needs, are economical and further the transition to zero-emissions solutions”.


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