DB Schenker decided to cut emissions on the Gotland island, in Sweden, and turned to Scania. The Swedish manufacturer is going to supply four 25 P electric distribution trucks, to be added to two hybrid trucks, also provided by Scania. Indeed, DB Schenker’s truck fleet is electrified at a fast pace, and the global target is that all transports, sea, air and land, should be climate neutral by 2040, but the company
works hard to enable it to happen even faster. To be one step ahead and push the transition to fossil-free is in both Scania’s and DB Schenker’s vision.

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Statements from DB Schenker and Scania

“We already operate with electric vehicles throughout Sweden, and know how that works out. Now we take the next step and invest in electrified distribution in a whole region – to really make a difference. On top of that, we gain valuable knowledge on electrified operations both in urban areas with many starts and stops, and in rural areas with distances more than 300 kilometres”, said Viktor Strömblad, Head of
Land at DB Schenker

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“What DB Schenker does at Gotland, with a fossil-free system solution in a unique environment teaches us a lot about the challenges and possibilities that occur when a complete distribution centre is electrified. Going forward, we see the same potential for DB Schenker’s international truck fleet”, added Evalena Falck, Scania Sales Director, Strategic Account Management.


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