Scania is working to increase the share of electrification in mining environments. The Swedish truck manufacturer provided mines and processing plants specialist LKAB with an electric trucks capable to help the company reduce emissions during work cycles in a mine located in Malmberget, Northern Sweden. This customer close development gives Scania a chance to test and operate fully electric trucks in a demanding underground mine environment.

Scania trucks for more sustainable mining

In fact, LKAB is striving to become one of the most sustainable mining companies in the world. The route to a safe, productive and carbon emission free iron and steel industry starts with the iron ore in the mines, and is now extended to also include transport. The heavy tipper has a total weight including load of 49 tonnes and will transport residual products. It works alongside an electric crane truck specially adapted for these mining operations: this second truck’s crane is purpose-fit to transport drill steel to underground drill rigs. The electric truck with the crane will be charged at the depot, but mobile charging at the sites will also be possible to increase flexibility. The vehicles are expected to start operations at LKAB during 2022.

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«The electric trucks are part of an ambition to set a new standard for sustainable mining, where fossil-free is used all the way. We are shifting our fleet away from fossil diesel and as we are testing the capacity of battery-powered electric vehicles, decisions are taken with respect to the choice of trucks must not only contribute to higher productivity but, above all, also a more sustainable mine and a safer work environment», commented Peter Gustavsson, project manager at LKAB.

Testing electric vehicles in extreme environments

«We continue to work with customers that are willing to try innovative solutions together with us. For Scania it is very valuable to be able to test electric vehicles in the extreme environment in real customers operations in the mine. On top of that, the electric heavy tipper is the first of its kind in the industry and another really big step on the journey towards sustainable transport solutions across all applications», added Fredrik Allard, Head of E-mobility at Scania. The Swedish truck manufacturer is collaborating with another mining company, Boliden, as well as carrying out tests and deliveries of electric trucks for heavy-duty transport in Norther Europe.


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