HYVIA is the joint venture created by Renault Group and U.S.-based fuel cell manufacturer Plug Power. Faurecia is a primary automotive technology player, now belonging to the Forvia Group. The two companies signed an agreement and now hydrogen storage systems manufactured by Faurecia will be mounted on HYVIA hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles.

Faurecia and HYVIA are both based in France. The production of Faurecia’s hydrogen storage will take place in the plant of Allenjoie (France), Faurecia’s first mass production plant for hydrogen storage systems, equipped with best-in-class manufacturing processes, advanced traceability solutions and in-house testing capabilities.

Statements from Forvia (Faurecia) and HYVIA

“We are very proud to have been awarded by HYVIA. This award perfectly illustrates our capacity to develop best-in-class complete solutions for hydrogen storage that fully meet our customers’ expectations. This contract also confirms HYVIA’s confidence into Faurecia’s strong know-how in manufacturing high quality automotive parts for mass-production”, stated Patrick Koller, Chief Executive Officer of FORVIA.

David Holderbach, Chief Executive Officer of HYVIA (here’s our interview with him) declared: “HYVIA presents at Mondial de l’Auto, the hydrogen-powered Master Van H2-TECH in its production version, made in France and going on the road in Europe. We rely on the expertise of Faurecia, our strong partner for hydrogen storage systems”.


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