HYVIA hydrogen-powered vans are definitely ready to hit the road. The cooperation between Renault and fuel cell manufacturer Plug Power (here’s our interview with HYVIA CEO, David Holderbach) is quite healthy, as proven both at IAA Transportation and at Paris Motor Show 2022. In both caese, the Master Van H2-TECH was on display.

So far, first tests of Master Van H2-TECH are being initiated with innovative partners like Airbus, Alpine F1 Team, Chronopost, Engie, Orange, Equans, Hamburger Hafen und Logistics, Packeta and Maximator Hydrogen. HYVIA has recently inaugurated dedicated production plant at Renault Group’s site in Flins, not far from Paris. Currently, the ramp-up of fuel cell assembly and testing lines is being carried out, as well as the on-going H2 station assembly and testing line.

HYVIA Master Van H2-TECH vans

The Master Van H2-TECH is a hydrogen-powered large van, with a loading volume of 12 cubic metres, adapted to the transport of goods and packages, that meets the needs of professionals for their intensive
usages. It is equipped with a 30-kW fuel cell, a 33-kWh battery and tanks containing 6,4 kg of hydrogen (4 tanks of 1.6 kg). Additionally, a height of 1,80 m in the cargo area makes it possible to stand inside and
to ease organization and delivery of goods and packages.

hyvia master

“HYVIA is a human, technological and industrial adventure, moving fast since its creation a little over
a year ago, facing big challenges”, commented CEO David Holderbach. “Our H2 van is produced in France and HYVIA is based in France. And the vehicle is going on the road in Europe. In a context of urgent energy transition, more and more strategic partners are starting test phases with our H2 vehicle. We are also continuing to deploy our H2 ecosystem in our HYVIA plant in Flins, with the ramp-up of our fuel cell assembly and testing line and the ongoing installations of our line for charging stations”.


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