Frigoblock and Daimler Truck announced a collaboration addressed to to refrigerate the first Mercedes-Benz eActros trucks, which started practical operations in Germany and The Netherlands. The eActros was introduced last summer, then was tested in the Italian region of South Tyrol before the begin of series production in Worth-am-Rhein. On the other hand, Frigoblock, a brand of Thermo King, is already cooperating with other BEV trucks manufacturers, with ongoing projects in Spain and in the UK, for instance.

Frigoblock for Mercedes-Benz eActros

«Furthering sustainable innovation in electric transport refrigeration is the core of what Frigoblock stands for», said Ingo Kaltwasser, Chassis OEM Manager for Frigoblock in Europe and EMEA. «We have worked closely with the engineering teams at Mercedes-Benz Trucks to adapt the Frigoblock technology and meet the precise energy needs of the new eActros vehicle. This project builds on our decades-long relationship with Daimler, and we’re proud to move the industry another step towards a CO2-neutral refrigerated transport».

Using integrated inverter technology, electric Frigoblock refrigeration units are designed to work directly with the battery-powered vehicles, minimising the number of energy-consuming components. This allows for most optimal use the vehicles’ battery capacity and contributes to maximising the truck’s range. 

firgoblock eActros

A new CAN-Bus-Gateway system

To meet the electrical requirements of the new eActros, Frigoblock designed a new CAN-Bus-Gateway system for direct communication between the truck and the cooling system. The intelligent control efficiently manages the energy demand of the unit using only the minimal energy needed to maintain the set-point temperature. The redesigned CAN-Gateway system also ensures additional electrical safety, independently shutting down the refrigeration unit in case of an electrical emergency. 

«The redesigned CAN communication opens the door to further developments in sustainable, electric transport refrigeration. In the future, with the enhanced communication capabilities and smart route planning,  the refrigeration unit will be able to contribute to increasing the electric vehicle’s range and make this sustainable, CO2 neutral cold chain logistics solution even more operationally efficient», added Ingo Kaltwasser.


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