Germany has stopped subsidizing electric trucks and buses. Such a decision follows a similar one concerning electric cars, taken not long ago. Of course, it is not good news for truck and bus manufacturers, who relied on public fundings in order to boost e-vehicle sales in Germany. Indeed, the Government used to subsidize the purchase of heavy-duty vehicles with alternative drives so to cover about 80 percent of the price difference compared to a diesel vehicle.

No funds for new electric trucks in Germany

The website Electrive now reports the words of a spokesperson for the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV), who said: “The approved projects in the guideline will be fully financed based on the 2024 budget. There are no funds available for a new call for funding“.

“Around 1.8 billion euros are available. These investments are necessary to create the conditions for the ramp-up of climate-friendly vehicles. The major projects include the Deutschlandnetz (the German charging network, ed), which will ensure a minimum of EV charging stations in certain regions and along motorways, and the development of an initial charging network for electric trucks”, she continued in the interview published by Electrive.


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