A commercial hydrogen refueling station has been inaugurated in the Edmonton region, in Alberta, Canada. The station was unveiled by Blackjacks Roadhouse and made possible by several partners, among which is Nikola Corporation’s Canadian branch, Nikola Motor Canada. In fact, the new station is HYLA-branded, with HYLA being Nikola’s energy brand for hydrogen distribution.

The newly-opened station will be situated along Highway 2 in Leduc County, Alberta. Highway 2 is a vital transportation corridor linking Alberta’s two largest urban centres, the Edmonton region and Calgary. This station will play a key role in decarbonizing one of Western Canada’s busiest highways, with approximately 96,000 vehicles passing by Blackjacks Roadhouse daily. Moreover, it will help meet the fueling needs of the Nikola hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles destined for the Canadian market and ensure a seamless and reliable refueling experience for hydrogen-powered vehicles in the Edmonton region.  

HYLA hydrogen station in Canada is part of a bigger picture

The station is expected to contribute to the so-called 5,000 Hydrogen Vehicle Challenge, which has the target to get 5,000 hydrogen-powered or dual-fuel-hydrogen vehicles on the roads in Western Canada by 2028.

Finally, the HYLA modular fueler uses a 700-bar pressure-fill system, allowing hydrogen fuel supplied by Suncor to be compressed into smaller volumes, and dispensed into onboard storage for long-range vehicles like trucks, busses, and cars. And as demand for hydrogen grows, the goal is to replace the modular fueler with a permanent facility and relocate it to expand the HYLA fueling network across Alberta.  


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