Nikola Corporation will provide U.S.-based marine drayage company IMC with 50 Nikola Tre fuel cell trucks. This milestone follows a strategic deal that has been in progress since early 2023 and was formally commemorated during the grand opening of IMC’s state-of-the-art sustainable Compton facility.

The trucks will feature a special livery that recalls IMC’s field of application. IMC initiated the purchase of 50 Nikola hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks through Tom’s Truck Centers, a valued member of the Nikola sales and service dealer network. This strategic deal has already brought IMC the initial batch of 10 trucks in Q423, with an additional 10 scheduled for this month. The remaining 30 are expected to be delivered by the end of 2024, solidifying IMC’s commitment to a more sustainable future.

Statements on the new Nikola fuel cell truck delivery

“Our order for 50 Nikola hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks signifies our commitment to innovation and sustainability in drayage operations,” stated IMC CEO Joel Henry. “We’re confident that these technology-advanced trucks will not only meet but exceed our expectations for enhanced efficiency and operational excellence.”

“Nikola is proud to be at the forefront of sustainable transportation alongside IMC,” added Nikola President and CEO Steve Girsky. “Their vision to transition their fleet to zero-emissions is a testament to their leadership in the drayage sector and sets a high standard for the industry. We’re honored to be aligned with them as we all work to decarbonize the industry.”

In compliance with pending California regulations mandating that all new drayage trucks registered must be zero-emission vehicles in an effort to phase out fossil-fuel trucks from ports by 2035, Nikola’s hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles offer an immediate and viable solution.


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