Hyzon Motors deployed 19 hydrogen fuel cell trucks last year. “2023 was marked by significant progress across Hyzon,” said Hyzon CEO Parker Meeks. “We deployed 19 FCEVs over three continents, including our first U.S. deliveries, and advanced our industry-leading, single-stack 200kW fuel cell technology from B- to C-sample development. Paired with continued advancement of U.S. and international government investment in the hydrogen ecosystem, we expect significant achievements in 2024, including Start of Production (SOP) for our 200kW fuel cell system, delivering the first 200kW FCEVs into trial, and advancing our fuel cell vehicle product offering.”

Hyzon Motors meeting the fuel cell truck delivery targets

Hyzon Motors declared they met the annual guidance of 15-20 vehicles. According to the manufacturer, of those vehicles, five were deployed in the U.S. to both drayage and large fleet customers, three in Europe, and 11 in Australia. The North American deployments to fleet and drayage customers include the industry’s first publicly-announced sale and delivery of a heavy-duty fuel cell electric truck in the U.S. Delivery to the drayage customer, operating out of the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach, marks the company’s entry into the U.S. drayage market, which Hyzon expects to be a significant long-term growth driver. 

As for the newly-developed fuel cell stack, Hyzon’s single stack 200kW fuel cell system is 30% lower in weight and volume, and is estimated to be 25% lower in total fuel cell system cost compared to two of its 110kW fuel cell systems combined. Hyzon now begins its 200kW FCS C-sample development phase, progressing along the standard automotive product development methodology.

Hyzon develops and builds key components for its 200kW FCSs in-house at its fuel cell production facility in the U.S. (Bolingbrook, Ill.), including proprietary electrode formulations and Hyzon’s roll-to-roll MEA manufacturing line.


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