Zero emission truck manufacturer Hyzon Motors delivered eight dump trucks for trial to China, namely in Foshan Municipality. The agreement for trials has been reached with Foshan Dump Truck Association. After the completion of the trial stage, by the end of this year, Hyzon expects to lease trucks to members of the Association, in an arrangement that includes hydrogen fuel and service along with the vehicle. As we wrote not long ago, this in not at all the first order for hydrogen-powered trucks in China.

Hyzon Motors for hydrogen development in China

It is not a coincidence that Foshan, located in Guangdong Province, has been designated a “Hydrogen Energy Demonstration City” under the United Nations Development Program to progress renewable hydrogen production and usage in the area. Under Foshan’s plan, the Nanhia District alone plans to have 5,800 fuel cell commercial vehicles deployed by 2025.

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According to Hyzon, municipal dump truck operations are a particularly suitable application for hydrogen fuel cell technology to replace diesel fuel, as the back-to-base model allows for a highly utilized, central refueling infrastructure. Operating the hydraulic lifts on the vehicles also demands significant power, which Hyzon’s high-density fuel cells can readily supply. In China, the market for hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles is expected to grow rapidly over the coming years, motivated in part by government programs aimed at reducing air pollution. As a result, major companies including Hyundai, Toyota, and Bosch have established local partnerships and programs to provide Chinese customers with fuel cell electric vehicles and access to hydrogen.

«Foshan City has taken remarkable steps to enable the hydrogen ecosystem, and deploying these municipal dump trucks is another example of their commitment to meaningful action. Together, Hyzon and Foshan will demonstrate the readiness of FCEVs to be utilized in real work settings», said Hyzon CEO and Co-Founder Craig Knight.


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