Hyzon Motors has joined the HyTrucks program, a consortium of businesses that has pledged to put 1,000 hydrogen trucks and 25 hydrogen refueling stations on European roads by 2025. Hyzon Motors (here an interview with CEO Craig Knight) shares the project with Air Liquide, DATS 24, the Port of Rotterdam, the Port of Antwerp and the Port of Duisburg and will play the key role of supplying hydrogen heavy trucks.

Hyzon will support the HyTrucks program’s goal

By entering into the agreement, Hyzon will support the HyTrucks program’s goal to have 1,000 heavy hydrogen-powered trucks on the road, as well as establishing 25 new hydrogen refueling stations, by 2025, enabling emissions-free road travel between Belgium, the Netherlands and western Germany

More than 100,000 tons per year of CO2 emissions, equivalent to 110 million kilometers (68 million miles) driven, could be avoided from successful deployment of FCEVs such as those that Hyzon manufactures.

«A fast lane to reality»

«Decarbonizing heavy road transport is essential to meeting global climate goals and hydrogen heavy vehicles offer Europe and other regions a fast lane to that reality», said Hyzon CEO Craig Knight. «Collaboration will be central to this effort and key to scaling hydrogen mobility solutions worldwide so we’re excited to join the prominent members of HyTrucks and to supply our proven zero-emission heavy trucks to help Europe put 1,000 more hydrogen powered trucks on the road by 2025».

Some important orders from the Netherlands and Austria

Hyzon Motors is already working with some major customers all over Europe to supply hydrogen-powered trucks. Not long ago, the company announced a purchase agreements with subsidiaries of major Dutch transport companies Jan Bakker and Millenaar & van Schaik to supply a total of up to 20 hydrogen fuel cell powered trucks. Deliveries are expected to start at the end of 2021.

In addition, Hyzon Motors has recently signed definitive agreement with Austrian JuVe Automotion to supply up to 70 hydrogen fuel cell powered heavy trucks. The initial delivery is planned for the last quarter of 2021, with the remaining trucks to be delivered over the course of three years. The first batch of vehicles includes three different heavy-duty trucks, including tractor/puller and rigid chassis designs, and are built to support refrigeration units. 

The Hyzon trucks are expected to be assembled at Hyzon’s European facility in the Groningen area of the Netherlands.


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