Two Irizar solid urban waste collection electric trucks will be soon at work in Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain (the name of the city is now written in both Basque and Spanish). The model chosen is the zero-emission electric Irizar ie truck and the vehicles will be delivered by the end of 2023. Donostia thus becomes the first Basque city to include an all-electric truck in its fleet.

The trucks, which will be equipped with CMPL8 right-hand side loader collectors, will have a 6×2 chassis measuring 9.2 metres in length. They will be fitted with 306.9 kWh-capacity Irizar batteries and sufficient power to operate all day; these batteries will be charged using a Combo 2 charging socket and powered by an electric motor with a maximum 360kW power output. The trucks will have a payload of up to 9,140 kg and a 19.8 cubic meters loading capacity.

irizar electric truck

Irizar electric trucks: how’s the ie model made

The ie truck’s cabin has been specially designed for urban use. It can accommodate up to four people and has a 370 mm single step access platform, providing easy, safe access for driver and occupants. It features a pneumatic door that swings inwards, allowing workers to manoeuvre around any kind of obstacle on the road. This door has built-in anti- entrapment sensors, a photocell and sensitive door panel edge which causes the door to automatically swing open in the event of any unforeseen incidents during fast-paced operations.

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Additionally, the ie truck is fitted with electronic stability control (ESP), adaptive suspension levelling (fully pneumatic) and emergency braking assistance (AEBS) for optimum safety during operation; it also includes a front camera for the Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS).

“We are honoured to be able to supply these two electric trucks right here, just 50 km away from our production plant. Due to the multiple, specifically-designed features that make it ideal for use in urban areas, such as the cab, zero emissions and low noise level, the Irizar ie truck is an ideal vehicle for cities and metropolitan areas, whose use will lead to a cleaner, safer city and a more sustainable environment for the inhabitants of Donostia”, said Josu Letona, Manager of New Developments at Irizar.


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