Nikola Corporation, IVECO and OGE announced a letter of intent for a collaboration to establish a business structure for transporting hydrogen via pipeline network. From production sources to hydrogen refuelling stations in support of fuel-cell electric trucks and other vehicles. The parties will collaborate to increase the availability of the necessary infrastructure required to operate trucks using hydrogen fuel.

IVECO, brand of CNH Industrial, and OGE, owner and operator of a 12,000 km natural gas pipeline infrastructure network in Germany, will join Nikola, designer and manufacturer of heavy-duty commercial battery-electric vehicles, fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and energy infrastructure solutions, in advancing hydrogen infrastructure. The primary focus of this collaboration is to further develop hydrogen fuelling solutions in Germany. And to work with industry partners to install safe, reliable and cost-effective storage and fuelling locations for FCEVs.

A Nikola TRE e-truck

Fuel cell and battery powered heavy duty trucks will change the business model

«Nikola is committed to delivering and advancing industry-leading hydrogen production, distribution and supply, needed for fuel cell electric trucks», said Nikola’s President of Energy and Commercial, Pablo Koziner. «We believe this collaboration, in particular, presents a very compelling long-term fuelling distribution solution that we expect to advance industry and overall market adoption of FCEV technologies».

«The ecosystem of transport will transform and the current business models will change with the introduction of hydrogen and battery-powered heavy-duty trucks». said Gerrit Marx, President Commercial & Specialty Vehicles, CNH Industrial. «Our collaboration is a great first step in starting up a growing platform of partnerships to make this a reality here in Europe».

OGE is one of the leading transmission system operators in Europe. With a pipeline network measuring around 12,000 kilometres, the company transports gas throughout Germany. and connects the gas flows in the European internal market. «OGE is committed to establishing a pipeline infrastructure to transport hydrogen from production sources to critical exit points of distribution», said Thomas Hüwener, OGE’s Chief Technical Officer. «We are proud to play an essential role in enabling fuelling station development through our network capabilities and in working towards decarbonising the economy».


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