Kempower charging technology lays behind one of the largest private charging stations for electric trucks currently operational in Sweden. E-Mobility, part of the Soltech Group, has successfully installed 15 fast-charging points for fellow Swedish company Göteborgs Lastbilcentral (GLC).

The commissioning of one of Sweden’s largest charging stations for electric trucks comes at a crucial time and contributes to the country’s ambition to decarbonize its transportation industry. Strengthening Sweden’s fast-charging infrastructure is vital to ensure that the sector is emissions-free by 2045. 

Kempower charging technology operational in Sweden

“We’re delighted to see this project go live. Commissioning one of Sweden’s largest private e-truck charging stations highlights the power of bringing ambitious Nordic companies together. We see the electrification of buses and trucks developing fast in the coming years and projects such as this are meaningful ways to electrify transport”, commented Tomi Ristimäki, CEO of Kempower.

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“It feels great that we have completed this project for GLC, which is investing heavily in charging infrastructure. Working together with Kempower was outstanding, as it provides a technical solution that is both powerful and intelligent, which this type of large-scale charging station requires”, added Martin Götesson, CEO of E-Mobility.


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