Navistar, part of the TRATON Group, has recently inaugurated new manufacturing plant in San Antonio. The nearly 1 million-square-foot manufacturing facility includes a body shop, paint shop, general assembly shop and logistics center equipped to produce Class 6-8 vehicles, including electric vehicle models. The plant is a sustainable baseline facility in site, building and process practices, to serve as a benchmark for Navistar’s manufacturing network.

Navistar: «The new plant in San Antonio meticulously planned»

«The choices we make today will take Navistar to a new level of impact in the transportation industry. That’s why we are laying the foundation for the future in this plant, because the future begins with the decisions and investments we make today», said Mark Hernandez, executive vice president, Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain at Navistar. «The San Antonio manufacturing plant was meticulously planned and constructed to highlight our many manufacturing strengths and build toward future manufacturing goals surrounding Industry 4.0 technologies, quality and sustainability».

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«The first vehicle off the manufacturing line in San Antonio was the International eMV Series electric truck; the purpose of the plant from inception was to have the capability to manufacture both electric and internal combustion engine powertrains in the same facility», added Hernandez.

A benchmark for lean manufacturing principles

The plant will serve as Navistar’s benchmark for lean manufacturing principles to eliminate waste, improve product quality, drive operational efficiency, and reduce cost and time. Industry 4.0 principles have been incorporated to connect digital and physical technologies, allowing the plant to be more connected and easily make data-driven decisions. Operating with a data-driven approach helps to focus on sustainability goals and metrics in addition to supporting a leaner manufacturing output.

The San Antonio Manufacturing Plant complements Navistar’s existing assembly manufacturing footprint, which includes truck assembly plants in Springfield, Ohio and Escobedo, Mexico; a school bus assembly plant in Tulsa, Okla.; and a powertrain manufacturing plant in Huntsville, Ala.


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