The international association ACEA has provided the official data on new commercial vehicle registrations in the EU, both in May and in the first five months of 2021, compared to the same period of 2020. Although all the comparisons with the first part of last year, hugely affected by the pandemic outbreak all over Europe, may not be so significant, the sector has proven itself quite lively.

You can find the whole data on ACEA website. Here, it is enough to report that in May 2021, new registrations increased by 51.3% to 165,363 units, more than 30,000 below pre-pandemic volume levels. Looking at the first five months into 2021, demand for new commercial vehicles in the EU increased by 43.9%.

New commercial vehicle registrations in the EU, the four main markets

Quite impressive percentages concern the four main markets of the European Union, with Spain that saw the highest percentage growth (+89.6%) when it comes to the comparison May 2021-May 2020, followed by Italy (+51.3%), Germany (+46.4%) and France (+28.4%).

Italy (+69.5%) has the best figures as for the year-to-date volumes, followed by France (+55.2%), Spain (+51.9%) and Germany (+20.3%).

Light and medium commercial vehicles; trucks

Pointing out the attention to light commercial vehicles, in May registrations of new vans across the EU grew strongly again, totalling 138,429 units. Each of the key markets saw a significant increase in demand for vans: Spain (+89.0%), Italy (+48.4%), Germany (+47.7%) and France (+30.9%).

Similarly, May sales of new heavy trucks (16 tonnes and over) in the European Union jumped by 74.9% to reach 20,601 units registered. Spain provided a strong boost to the region’s result with a triple-digit increase (+128.5%), followed by Italy (+72.5%), Germany (+48.2%) and France (+12.6%) – all posting solid gains last month.

Lastly, new medium and heavy commercial vehicles (over 3.5 tonnes) went up 64.6% compared to the year before. Poland continued to be a major driver of growth, posting a 203.8% increase last month, just like Spain (+99.6%) and Italy (+65.9%).


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