Nikola is participating at ACT Expo, the major exhibition taking place in Las Vegas until May 23. There, the U.S.-based brand announced a valuable order obtained by major drayage carrier operating in the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, AiLO Logistics. The latter ordered 100 Nikola hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks. Deliveries are scheduled for 2025.

AiLO, a newly rebranded company combining other corporations, including MDB Transportation, had previously ordered 50 Nikola FCEVs from Tom’s Truck Centers. Deliveries from that original order have commenced and are ongoing throughout 2024.

Nikola hydrogen trucks headed to AiLO Logistics

“We’re not just in the business of moving goods; we’re in the business of moving businesses forward. Through innovation, technology, and sustainable practices, we aim to redefine the logistics landscape and drive positive change in the industry,” said Jack Khudikyan, AiLO CEO. “This strategic move to incorporate Nikola FCEVs into our operations reaffirms our commitment to environmental stewardship and underscores our proactive approach toward embracing cutting-edge technologies.”

“Nikola trucks are on the road today, and the biggest test of our trucks is measured by our customers and their repeat orders,” added Ryan Clayton, Global Head of Sales, Nikola Corporation. “Having a prominent and mission-driven customer in AiLO not only purchase trucks for 2024 but double their order for 2025 is an honor for our organization and a testament to their drive to make a difference. We are glad to support with Class 8 vehicles as well as our HYLA energy infrastructure.”


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