pepper motion is now presenting the product plans and strategy for its new, freely scalable electrification kits in the larger than 7.5 t truck sector according to the international automotive industry’s highest functional safety standards. For those who may not know it, we’ve got to get used to this brand, pepper motion, which is the new name of the former etrofit GmbH, the German electromobility OEM specializing in electrification solutions for commercial vehicles.

The etrofit kit will also be made available as a Tier 1 solution to body-makers and OEMs so that they can integrate it into new vehicle developments or existing vehicle series and offer zero-emission new vehicles to their customers without high development costs. pepper motion calculates a total of over 20,000 units sold in the truck sector by 2030, of which over 6,000 units alone will be as Tier 1 kits for vehicle manufacturers in various European markets. The first versions of the battery-electric etrofit drive system for series production will be available as early as spring 2022.

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pepper motion electrification kit

pepper motion electrifies its customers’ own vehicles, provides conversion companies and OEMs with complete etrofit kits, or end customers with already converted vehicles. The kit includes all the components needed to convert a vehicle or for a new vehicle build. From the battery, electric motor, auxiliary components, and control unit with system software developed in accordance with ISO26262 for functional safety, to the interface to the (existing) vehicle, modular and fully validated complete packages are available. The technological heart of the drive system is the company’s own system architecture software, which currently puts pepper several years ahead of the competition.

The German company essentially provides electrification solutions for trucks larger than 7.5 t. The first conversion products will be available for the Mercedes Actros and Atego models as early as spring 2022. Models from MAN and IVECO will be electrified in series production from 2023.

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Twelve months to electrify a vehicle

«In principle, it is possible to electrify any vehicle model», explains Robert Reisenauer, Head of Sales and Marketing at pepper motion. «As soon as customers want to convert a model in relevant quantities that we haven’t done before, we estimate a development time of twelve months until the project is ready for series production».

Focusing on the conversion of trucks larger than 7.5 tons, developer and manufacturer pepper motion put its first battery-powered electric truck for distribution transport of up to 26 tons on the road at the beginning of May 2021. The pre-series vehicle, which is undergoing practical trials in cooperation with the Austrian logistics firm Herbert Temmel, provides valuable information regarding the use and reliability of the vehicle in long-term trials in real customer operations. The pre-series vehicle with road approval is currently being used to validate the design in customer use and gain valuable insights for further development into series production.


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