PGT Trucking and Nikola signed a letter of intent for the delivery of 100 FCEV (fuel cell electric) trucks, following the satisfactory completion of a Nikola Tre FCEV demonstration program under terms to be agreed to between the parties. The lease order will include the Tre FCEV, scheduled maintenance and hydrogen fueling solutions. Deliveries of the FCEVs to PGT are anticipated to begin in 2023 when production commences at Nikola’s Coolidge, Arizona manufacturing facility. As confirmed during the inauguration of the Nikola-Iveco Ulm manufacturing plant, the US market will anticipate the European one in the rush to fuel cell trucks.

Nikola has also recently communicated the intention to cooperate with TC Energy in order to co-develop and build critical hydrogen infrastructure in North America. In such a scenario, the news about the interest showed by PGT Trucking is quite relevant. Indeed, PGT Trucking is a primary multi-service flatbed transportation company willing to invest in advanced electric drive heavy-duty transport.

PGT Trucking: highly interested in Nikola FCEV trucks

«We are excited that PGT has elected to partner with Nikola in advancing and adopting FCEV technology», said Nikola President, Energy and Commercial Pablo Koziner. «PGT is a highly respected leader in the flatbed transportation industry with operating experience grounded on safety, reliability and customer service. We believe our FCEVs will help PGT further their objectives to continuously improve driver experience, reduce their carbon footprint and increase the efficiency of their operations while providing great value to their customers. Nikola continues to make great progress to accelerate the adoption of FCEVs through its integration of purpose-built vehicles, energy solutions and the sales and service network required to support customers».

«For 40 years, PGT Trucking has focused on revolutionizing and refining our core competency through technology innovation», added Gregg Troian, President of PGT Trucking. «It is the forward-thinking and strategic partnerships, like we have with Nikola, that allow us to cultivate transportation advancements. This partnership will give us the opportunity to offer progressive transportation solutions to our customers, while aligning with corporate-driven sustainability initiatives, and reducing their carbon footprint using innovative energy sources. Sustainable freight transportation will improve safety, reduce costs and CO2 emissions, and improve economic efficiency. PGT is proud to partner with Nikola as we evolve our fleet with a broad focus on the future of flatbed».


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