Gaussin is about to deliver 20 hydrogen-powered yard trucks ATM-H2 to Plug Power, a pioneering company in the field of hydrogen economy. Back in November 2020, Plug Power and Gaussin had signed and announced a collaboration on hydrogen-powered vehicles. The partnership allowed the two companies to understand each other’s technologies and develop the ATM- H2, based on the proven ATM 38T electric skateboard and Plug Power’s world-leading hydrogen and fuel cell systems. The ATM-H2 designed by Gaussin can be used to move trailers and semi-trailers in logistics centers operated by logistics, e-commerce, retail and industrial companies 24/7.

Plug Power and Gaussin working together

The ATM-H2 38 tonnes vehicles, based on the ATM electric skateboard already in operation at over 35 sites in Europe, are supposed to be delivered starting in November 2021 and will be deployed to Plug Power’s customers. Earlier this year, Gaussin Group had announced a partnership with Pininfarina for the design of road trucks as well as the intention to use the batteries manufactured by Microvast for the new road skateboard.

On the other hand, Plug Power is making a significant contribution to the development of the hydrogen economy as the leading provider of complete turnkey solutions for hydrogen fuel cells. The U.S. company has even created the first commercially viable market for this technology. It has deployed more than 40,000 fuel cell systems for e-mobility, more than any other mobility player in the world.

Plug Power is building the first green hydrogen production network in the United States aimed to supply 500 tons per day of green hydrogen by 2025, 1,000 tons per day globally by 2028.


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