The German producer of hydrogen fuel cell and electric hybrid systems Proton Motor has received a significant order from hydrogen-electric commercial vehicle manufacturer E-Trucks Europe. Seven additional HyRange fuel cell systems have been ordered from Proton Motor to equip some new refuse collection trucks. It’s not the first time for the two companies to collaborate. In fact, back in 2020 E-Trucks Europe, based in the Netherlands and in Belgium, ordered the first five HyRange solutions from the Bavarian technology provider to increase reach in the context of the EU-funded project called REVIVE (Refuse Vehicle Innovation and Validation in Europe).

We are very pleased to continue our co-operation with Proton Motor and be able to offer our customers fully hydrogen-electric refuse collection trucks which can be used 24 hours a day whilst remaining emission-free and silent

E-Trucks Europe CEO André Beukers

Proton Motor hydrogen fuel cell systems

According to Proton Motor, the current order further confirms the reliability of hydrogen-based solutions as for refuse collection vehicles. In addition, both sides established some maintenance agreements for the next five years.

The drive of the garbage collection vehicles is 100 percent electric, which makes them quiet without any emission of greenhouse gases or particulate matter. The public use of the already fully equipped vehicles is already taking place successfully on the roads of Dutch cities such as Breda, Best, Helmond, Eindhoven and Groningen.

According to Proton Motor CEO Faiz Nahab, the follow-on order confirms the attractiveness and reliability of Proton Motors HyRange in harsh, real life commercial vehicle applications.

proton motor fuel cell
Proton Motor’s emission-free HyRange hydrogen fuel cell system

The recent MoU signed with UK-based Electra Commercial Vechicles

As a matter of fact, Proton Motor is working closely with several European truck manufacturers willing to improve the performance and sustainability of their vehicles. Here we were talking about the MoU recently signed with UK-based Electra Commercial Vechicles. In this case, the two companies set a partnership to jointly develop fuel cell trucks. The first stage will be the development of a prototype vehicle for serial testing working in the UK and Ireland.


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