The Bavarian hydrogen fuel cell expert Proton Motor has successfully delivered its key product innovation named HyShelter 240 to Shell New Energies as a subsidiary of the international energy group. It is a new technology solution implemented for the off-grid power supply of a transportable pressurized hydrogen filling station. The diverse HyShelter application areas range from uninterruptible emergency power supply for data centers, municipal utilities, hospitals and other critical public facilities up to off-grid charging infrastructure for battery-electric vehicles. Proton Motor is a primary producer of hydrogen fuel cell and electric hybrid systems. In the field of trucks, the German company has recently signed an agreement with Electra Commercial Vehicles in view of fuel cell truck development.

Proton Motor’s HyShelter 240: the core components

The core components of the fuel cell power plant HyShelter 240 are three Proton Motor fuel cell systems “PM Frame S43”. At the end of October 2021, the technical acceptance of the entire system took place in accordance with the order for delivery by the customer. «The entire Proton Motor team is very proud of our high-performance fuel cell products for decentralized emission-free energy supply. With our fuel cell power plants, we are making a decisive contribution to the success of a sustainable energy transition», declared Manfred Limbrunner, Proton Motor Director of Sales and Marketing, commenting on the trend-setting product novelty for Shell New Energies. It has been possible to combine the hydrogen fuel cell technology with the battery storage technology into a functional unit that produces 100 percent green energy in this island application.

proton motor hyshelter

The role of the containerized hydrogen fuel cell power plant

The energy supply of the off-grid refuelling unit is provided by Proton Motor’s containerized hydrogen fuel cell power plant with peak power of up to 240 kW and integrated battery storage for 400 VAC grid connection. Three proprietary fuel cell systems are used in the format size “PM Frame S43” with an installed fuel cell output of 43 kW each. The “PM Frame” systems can be operated individually or together, allowing power adjusting in the range of 6 kW up to 240 kW. A worldwide unique selling point of Proton Motor stacks is the optional vertical or horizontal implementation for strong customer orientation during integration.

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In combination with the electrical energy storage system – which is also housed in the container – of the Austrian company xelectrix Power as a specialist for energy storage systems with a wide variety of performance classes, the necessary power and energy for the electrical consumer is generated. Directly behind the 20-foot container on the trailer is the cooler for dissipation of the reaction heat. After the transfer of the self-sufficient energy arrangement, follow-up orders are planned for the “HyShelter 240” as a hydrogen-based fuel cell power plant respectively for other output variables.


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