As highly anticipated at the recent Quantron Days in Augsburg, the German manufacturer has unveiled its new Class 8 FCEV truck at ACT Expo, in California. The hydrogen-powered truck offers a range of about 750-850 miles on a 100 kg tank system. Refueling only takes 10-15 minutes to reach 100% capacity, which is comparable to current diesel trucks on the road today and significantly quicker than electric vehicles, so drivers can seamlessly refuel and get back on the road.

Also, QUANTRON US and FirstElement Fuel, with already 40 hydrogen fueling stations in the country, have committed to providing fleet operators access to a market-leading network of hydrogen refueling stations. During March 2023, First Element performed over 60,000 fills and sold over 162,000 kilograms of hydrogen. The company is now developing a network of “high flow” hydrogen stations, the first of which is set to open later this year near the Port of Oakland, California.

Quantron FCEV truck for North America

The partnership will also expand the U.S. version of Quantron-as-a-Service, a 360-degree per-mile service that gives fleet owners access to everything required to transition to hydrogen, including FCEV trucks, hydrogen fuel, designated fueling stations, maintenance and repairs, and insurance.


Quantron AG CEO, Michael Perschke, said: “North American-based businesses depend on heavy cargo loads over long routes. As we are already the technical leader in Europe with our benchmark range of 700 KM in Europe, we transferred our DNA from Europe to the USA and were looking for a partner with a proven track record. With nearly 40 stations only in California, FirstElement Fuel was the natural choice.”


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