Electromin has entered a strategic partnership with Quantron in order to distribute zero-emission trucks in Saudi Arabia. Indeed, Electromin will promote, distribute and service Quantron products in Saudi Arabia with an initial focus on BEV last-mile vehicles like the QARGO 4 EV.

This collaboration combines Electromin’s expertise in the entire e-mobility ecosystem with Quantron AG’s industry expertise in the field of electrified commercial vehicles and makes Quantron an attractive partner for existing OEMs. Electromin is a technology-driven e-mobility solutions provider offering complete turnkey solutions which includes in-depth consultation, ongoing network operation and maintenance. Electromin’s main focus of action is throughout the Middle East and is building a public charging network that provides a convenient charging experience for e-drivers.

Statements from Quantron AG and Electromin

“Quantron is a very successful player in Europe because we are technology-independent and offer our customers BEV and FCEV solutions that support them on their way to becoming a provider of zero-emission transport solutions”, commented Michael Perschke, CEO of Quantron AG. “Recently, at the IAA in Hanover, we presented the QUANTRON QHM FCEV, a European H2 range champion with up to 116 kg of hydrogen on board”.


Andreas Haller, CEO and founder of QUANTRON (pictured above, left), added: “We have been looking for international growth opportunities and Saudi Arabia is one of our key markets. This is how we became aware of Electromin and the Petromin Corporation and found many parallels in strategy and vision. That’s why we decided to join forces. We look forward to building together unique competencies for zero-emission solutions in KSA.”

“QUANTRON has selected Electromin as its distribution partner for the QUANTRON QARGO 4 EV light truck in KSA. Naturally, we are open to adding other QUANTRON products. In time, this agreement will be extended to include other emission-free products, based on market suitability and requirements. This is the start of a bigger partnership as we are also exploring other avenues of mutual interest to strengthen this alliance. At Petromin, we strongly believe in sustainability and are guided by our principles of responsible corporate citizenship”, stated Kalyana Sivagnanam, Group CEO of Petromin.


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