Within a pioneering project that will see fleets of fuel cell trucks deployed in the Tees Valley region for the first time from the mid-2020s, 14 Quantron FCEVs will soon hit the road in the UK. In fact, Quantron will be the first Right-Hand-Drive (RHD) supplier for hydrogen-powered light commercial vehicles and trucks with the first customer delivery expected in Q1 2025.

The project is shared with Novuna Vehicle Solutions and together with fuel cell electric vehicle manufacturer Electra Commercial Vehicles. More into details of the vehicles involved, QUANTRON will contribute twelve QUANTRON QLI FCEV light-transporter in the 4-7t class as well as two QUANTRON QHM FCEV heavy-trucks in the 19t class.

QUANTRON: definitely more than fuel cell trucks

In addition, Exolum, a leading player in the energy industry, will construct a strategically located hydrogen refueling station in the Tees Valley, in North-Eastern England. This station will produce green hydrogen through an advanced electrolysis process, providing a readily available and accessible refueling solution for the deployed trucks and other vehicles.


The £7 million project, part of the Tees Valley Hydrogen Transport Hub, is funded by the Department for Transport and delivered in partnership by Innovate UK. The first-of-its-kind large-scale deployment of fuel cell electric trucks in the UK will serve as a beacon of progress, inspiring the development of more hydrogen refueling stations across the strategic road network.

“We are proud to be a part of this initiative. Bringing our innovative QUANTRON INSIDE technology to the UK marks a significant step forward in our global strategy and we are delighted to do this in collaboration with our partner Novuna. These vehicles will be the very first RHD Fuel Cell trucks with the QUANTRON badge on the grill, they will be the first of their kind to open international RHD markets for us”, commented Andreas Haller, CEO and Founder of Quantron AG.

Utz Rachner, Global Sales Director of Quantron AG, added: “Thanks to the strong cooperation with NOVUNA, we were able to participate successfully in the Tees Valley Project and we will bring hydrogen vehicles to the UK market that reflect our commitment to sustainability, setting a new environmentally friendly standard for commercial vehicles, powered by clean hydrogen.”


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