With a world premiere event held in Augsburg, German manufacturer Quantron officially unveiled the Qargo 4 EV truck. Immediately available, the Quantron Qargo 4 EV is the company’s first in-house developed model in the light truck range (the Q-Light light truck model is the result of a retrofit). It comes a couple of months after the launch of the Cizaris 12-meter electric bus and confirm Quantron’s idea of developing zero-emission solutions both in the bus and in the truck segments.

Quantron’s Qargo 4 EV: some technical insights

As highlighted by Product Manager Heinrich Miller, the new Qargo 4 EV is a light truck designed to fulfill the requirements of last mile urban delivery. It has a wheelbase of 3,300 mm and gross vehicle weight of 4,500 kg, with 1,600 kg payload. The battery capacity is 81 kWh, with the possibility to charge the batteries in DC at a maximum charging power of 60 kW in 1 to 2 hours. The battery modules are provided by primary Chinese manufacturer CATL. The electric motor provides 120 kW maximum power. According to the WLTP cycle, the range can reach up to 350 km, although the manufacturer guarantees 230 km tested range. The truck’s maximum speed is 90 km/h.

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«What’s different from our competitors as our vehicles are readily available», added CEO Michael Perschke. «There are currently around 56 million commercial vehicles in Europe, which are generating huge pollution. We see some big opportunities in the bus market and in the commercial vehicle market not only in Europe, though, as we have just registered Quantron USA. In our opinion, the US-Class 8 range is ready for the fuel cell revolution. And today, Quantron is also launching its hydrogen offensive».

Indeed, Perschke said he firmly believes in electric vehicles for last mile usage, while they are sure long haul will soon discover the hydrogen technology. «Another strong point at Quantron is that we are able to retrofit existing vehicles, as well as to make our own products», added the company’s CEO.

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Truck-as-a-Service is Quantron’s business model

Actually, Quantron’s business model is the Truck-as-a-Service one: the company is set to turn itself from product provider to solution provider. It is an asset light offering, a pay-as-you-go model. Users and operators pay per kilometer or pay per kg. Quantron’s idea is to co-own the whole ecosystem, including the production of hydrogen in the near future, as well as software and service management around a vehicle.

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«Zero emissions is our mission», said Founder and Chairman of the Board Andreas Haller during the event held on April 26. «We are not a classic OEM, as we’re not only product-driven. We want to provide the customers with green energy, hydrogen included. We really believe in after sales network and digital services». As a matter of fact, Quantron (which has lately introduced new logo and corporate identity) comes from the long-lasting experience of the Haller Group as a retrofit specialist in Germany and abroad.


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