German zero-emission truck and bus manufacturer Quantron achieved 10 million euros sales in FY 2021. Compared with the previous year, the result represents an increase of around 500 percent. In the year under review, Quantron delivered 30 zero-emission vehicles to IKEA, among other customers. In this way, the zero-emission experts from Ausburg are making a contribution to the furnishing group’s goal of becoming climate-positive by 2030.

Quantron will also invest in hydrogen projects

Moreover, after the announcement of a brand-new corporate identity, including new logo and lettering, as well as following the global launch of the Cizaris bus in February, Quantron aims at reaching the remarkable share of 400 vehicles sold at the end of the current year, corresponding to a potential turnover of 50 to 60 million euros in the conversion business.


Furthermore, as a member and Work Package Leader of STRING’s GREATER4H project, Quantron says it continues to drive the development and use of hydrogen in the mobility industry. The European project aims to create a self-sufficient, green hydrogen-based ecosystem for heavy-duty vehicles between Oslo and Hamburg. The year 2022 will also mark the “Hydrogen Offensive” by Quantron AG, the German company anticipates, starting with the partnership with Ballard Power Systems (Canada), the development projects for heavy trucks to be deployed in the EU and USA, the strategic partnerships with H2 fueling providers as well as Quantron’s involvement in the STRING project.

Statements from top management

Michael Perschke, CEO of Quantron, stated: «Quantron AG has demonstrated in 2021 that despite the ongoing COVID-19 measures, we were able to significantly grow our business, forge strategic partnerships and establish ourselves as a trusted supplier for leading zero emission trailblazers. 2022 will mark the year in which the Quantron AG will cement its way to becoming a leading developer of hydrogen-powered products – in partnership with our strategic partner Ballard Power – and a provider of zero emission mobility solutions».

Quantron’s HQ in Augsburg, Germany

Andreas Haller, founder and Chairman of the board, added: «It makes me proud that barely two years after inception, Quantron AG is already well recognized in the zero-emission transportation space and with a global competent team, we want to remain being a driving force, effectively realizing the conversion towards a zero-emission mobility of people and freight».


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