German manufacturer Quantron is making a move in view of its next zero emissions vehicles. The company announced deep restyling as of brand, corporate identity and design, with the aim of launching product offensive of own BEV (battery-electric) and FCEV (fuel cell powered) vehicles in 2022. Starting with the global launch of the 12-meter electric bus Cizaris some days ago (here’s the post published by Sustainable Bus website).


Quantron towards zero emissions: new logo and lettering

Part of the new corporate DNA are specially designed signature elements such as a new Quantron logo, new Quantron lettering and the ‘Absolute Zero Blue’ color code. This also underscores the focus on Hydrogen (H2) technologies and vehicles in 2022, strengthened by the strategic partnership through Canadian fuel cell manufacturer Ballard Power.

The rebranding was created under the motto Quantron Vision 2025 with the help of the expertise of Italian star designer Fabio Filippini and the team of Mormedi, the leading Spanish global design agency for design strategy & product innovation side by side with Quantron’s design and strategy team.

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‘Quantron Inside’

Michael Perschke, CEO of Quantron, stated: «We are building the Quantron brand to be synonymous with zero-emission transportation solutions worldwide – be it through our refit expertise, which we will expand even further as ‘Quantron Inside’, or our own products, which we can implement faster and more cost effectively than some of our competitors through an active platform sharing strategy».


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