During the Q-Days held last week, Quantron introduced a significant innovation in its Q-Heavy line made of zero-emission heavy-duty solutions. The German specialist presented the all-electric Quantron QHD BEV 50-280 as 4×2 tractor unit based on the DAF CF Space Cab. The zero-emission vehicle features a low-noise and therefore particularly pleasant driving style as well as having an operating range of up to 220 km and a maximum engine performance of 350 kW. The 280 kWh battery can be fully re-charged within 6.5 hours at 150 kW maximum charging capacity.


Quantron: Q-Heavy and Q-Light product lines

However, the main announcement made during the Q-Days was the brand-new Quantron Cargo 4 EV, the light truck for last mile urban delivery, fully designed and manufactured by Quantron with a wheelbase of 3,300 mm, gross vehicle weight of 4,500 kg and 1,600 kg payload.

In addition, the company’s management mentioned a «fuel cell offensive», meaning very ambitious plans on hydrogen-powered vehicle development. As announced last year at IAA Mobility, Quantron signed a very important agreement with Canadian fuel cell manufacturer Ballard. Moreover, other areas of e-mobility, such as the retrofitting of new and used commercial vehicles whose respective diesel drive trains have been replaced by a Quantron BEV or FCEV drive.


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