Renault Trucks announced a very significant delivery during the last days of August. The Swiss brewery Feldschlösschen, belonging to the Carlsberg Group, received the keys to all 20 Renault Trucks D Wide Z.E. trucks, whose first deliveries actually started some months ago. The 26-tonne electric truck was lately introduced in its LEC (low-entry cab) version in a 6×2 format with a steered rear axle, especially designed for urban waste collection tasks.

The trucks delivered by Renault Trucks are manufactured in the company’s Blainville-sur-Orne facility in Normandy. They have already covered a total of 66,000 km and transported 9,300 tonnes of goods. Thanks to these electric vehicles from Renault Trucks, Feldschösschen will save 240 tonnes of CO2 a year compared to diesel trucks.

Renault Trucks brewery
Left Bruno Blin, Renault Trucks President. Right Thomas Amstutz, Feldschlîsschen CEO

The statements from Renault Trucks and the Swiss brewery Feldschlösschen

«These 20 electric vehicles from Renault Trucks represent a true milestone for the Feldschlösschen company on the way to CO2-neutral logistics. As Switzerland’s leading brewery and beverage distributor, we produce our beers and beverages in an environmentally friendly way and deliver them to our customers in the same way», declared Feldschlösschen CEO Thomas Amstutz.

On the other hand, Bruno Blin, President of Renault Trucks, added: «Renault Trucks is investing heavily to address the challenges of climate change. I am proud that our customers, following the example of Feldschlösschen today, are on board with us. Together, we are working to make sustainable transportation a reality».

Agreements with major players in electric mobility

The Renault Group is working a lot lately to improve and enhance its offer in terms of zero-emissions vehicles. It is not a coincidence that some important agreements have been recently announced. To name a few, the one with STMicroelectronics for vehicle development, as well as the creation of ElectriCity, aimed at making the Renault sites in the Hauts-de-France region the most competitive and efficient production unit for electric vehicles in Europe, with 400,000 vehicles produced per year by 2025.

Back to Renault Trucks, an agreement has been lately signed and announced concerning the Italian market. Enel X is expected to develop of a series of solutions dedicated to electric mobility: from vehicle recharging infrastructure, to the supporting web platform for managing and monitoring the recharging points installed in company car parks, from management programmes for company fleets of electric vehicles to the training of qualified personnel.


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