According to Scania, the revised powertrains based on Scania’s 13-litre engines offer 5%
fuel savings and all the range needed for long-haul operations. More into details, the new biogas engines hinted last year at IAA Transportation in combination with the G25 gear-boxes and axles from the diesel sibling are responsible of higher efficiency.

The Swedish manufacturer stated that the interest for locally produced biomethane fuels for trucks (such as Bio-LNG or Bio-CNG) is rapidly increasing. Biomethane-based solutions can help reducing emissions by up to 90% from a well-to-wheel perspective.

Scania relies on biogas for truck emissions reduction

“Biomethane fuels are definitely the solution for those customers who want to start a de­carbonisation journey without any delay,” said Ola Henriksson, Senior Product Manager for Renewable Fuels at Scania Trucks. “Our biogas engines cover a wide span of industries and appli­ca­tions. A 40-tonne tractor-and-trailer combi­na­tion can achieve ranges of up to 1,800 km when specified with the biggest Bio-LNG tank solu­tions that we offer. Add the 460 hp and the 2,300 Nm our OC13 engine offers to the equation and you have a perfect tool for European long-haul.”

“With the CO2 reductions, the driveability and the ranges we offer now, I am con­vinced that more customers will recognise what a great solution this is,” added Henriksson. “There are so many obvious pros and virtually no cons at all. And the driver can also enjoy a significantly lower noise level.”


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