Scania and sennder Technologies, a leading digital road freight forwarder, announced the intention to establish a joint venture company, named JUNA, to lead the way for electric solutions in road freight logistics across Europe. The JV “aims to advance electric truck adoption to drive the transition towards a sustainable logistics industry“, as stated by the partners.

JUNA, which will be based in Berlin, is expected to introduce an innovative pay-per-use model for electric trucks. JUNA will effectively clear the way for a large-scale adoption of electric trucks that, on face value, are two to three times more expensive than the diesel equivalent. By offering access to guaranteed loads on sennder’s digital platform JUNA removes the obstacles of electric truck adoption for its customers. That includes the financial challenges associated with high upfront costs, residual value, and technology risk, and provides transport companies with commercial predictability through guaranteed incomes.

scania sennder juna

The pay-per-use model conceived by Scania and sennder

The innovative model offers the full package, including premium electric vehicles, repair, maintenance, insurance, digital and analytics services. In addition to usage-based fees and guaranteed utilisation, through data analysis, JUNA optimises electrification strategies and simulates routes for electric truck suitability. The partners expect to connect even small and medium carriers with big name shippers.

A pilot project has just recently been successfully launched. The first customer is using an electric truck supplied by JUNA charged with renewable energy and performing up to ten lanes per week just like its diesel predecessor. The truck is operating for a well-known FMCG shipper in the region of Stuttgart.


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